Shower Faucets

Drench yourself in perfect performance and style.

Personalize your shower experience with a pulsing massage, or a fine, gentle mist or soak in a rain shower with perfectly positioned body jets. The possibilities and enjoyment are endless with American Standard Shower Systems. All this indulgence comes with guilt-free conservation because all our showerheads are designed to save up to 40% more water than standard models.


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Most bath/shower sets and valves are available with a variety of handle configurations. Choose from 1-handle, 2-handle, or 3-handle options.


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Green Tea Trim Kits
At A Glance
$196 - $459
Copeland Trim Kits
At A Glance
$150 - $395
In-Wall Diverter
At A Glance
$186 - $210
Standard Slide Bar
At A Glance
$109 - $178
Square Shower Arm
At A Glance
$115 - $82
Fluent Showerhead
At A Glance
$105 - $75
Wall Supply
At A Glance
$36 - $54
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