The ActiClean™ system is the effortless way to clean your toilet bowl. It features 2 cleaning cycles, Deep Clean & Quick Clean, & comes with a 9 week supply of cleaning solution. It even cleans under the patented CleanCurve rim, leaving no place for dirt to build up or hide.
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Say goodbye to skidmarks, clingers, & splatter with the revolutionary cleaning power of VorMax™ Technology. VorMax is the solution to maintaining a cleaner toilet bowl by simply flushing the toilet. Its revolutionary VorMax flushing action, keeps the bowl extra clean from top to bottom.
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Inspired by the effortless, elegant and continuous movement of water, the transitional Fluent Collection captures the pure, ever-changing form and flowing beauty of nature.

Designed to create an elegant and luxurious bathroom focal point, our freestanding tubs come in a variety of styles and are made to fit in the space of an average-sized bathroom.

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