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MSRP: $16 - $25

Model Number: 4356.100

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About This Product

  • Strong and durable
  • Accomodates up to 2" thick counter tops
  • IAPMO approved
  • Finish will not scratch, tarnish or peel, and will last a lifetime
  • Will mount on surfaces up to 2” thick
  • Great option for those thicker solid surface countertops
  • Coordinates with kitchen faucets and accessories
  • Meets the IAPMO code requirements

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Main Fixtures

  • 4356.100 - Air Gap

    Estimated List Price: $16 - $25, based on color

    • Accomodates up to 2" thick counter tops. IAPMO approved.

We’re sorry, we are not offering any repair parts for this product through our online Repair Parts store at this time.

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