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Coburn’s Supply Baton Rouge Airline Highway Showroom

Combine a colossal showroom with up-to-date products and great customer service, and the best of these worlds collide

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W. A. Bragg and Company- A business devoted to its customers

Customers looking to upgrade their home are referred to the Evans showroom where they specialize in helping customers create the ultimate bath and kitchen at an affordable price.

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Infusion by Etna- Helping Design your Dream Home

Their objective is clear, provide exceptional service while helping customers make their dreams a reality.

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American Standard® Showrooms where wholesale pricing works for one and all

Fixturesa & Faucets Wholesale Plumbing Supply in San Mateo, California operates in one of the most expensive regions in the nation. So one might reason that they can command
higher prices. On the contrary. While Fixtures & Faucets stands behind the highest quality products and are the only showrooms in the San Francisco Peninsula that stock the American Standard®, Jado® and Porcher® brands, they keep their prices as economical as possible.

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These American Standard® showrooms can make it anywhere

“If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere,” go the lyrics in a verse of “New York, New York,” the song immortalized by the late Frank Sinatra. It is a tune that the Frankel brothers, owners of Grande Central Showrooms of New York, have earned the right to sing throughout the streets of New York City. Howard Frankel, president, and his brother Warren, vice president, of Grande Central Showrooms, a subsidiary of Yonkers-based Central Plumbing Specialties Company, have had a can-do attitude since taking over the company from their father and his partner in 1994. The business has since grown to include two additional wholesale locations and four showrooms.

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These American Standard® showrooms have profited by adhering to their roots

If one proverbial lesson can be extracted from the case study of General Plumbing Supply, it is that business growth is a subjective notion. For this American Standard showroom group, it has meant, and continues to mean, remembering where they came from.

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This American Standard® showroom group was reinvented to generate business, new and old

Bond Plumbing Supply, Inc., wholesale distributor of plumbing fixtures and supplies headquartered in Miami, Florida, has felt the pinch of the widespread economic slump during the last three years as much as any business connected to the building industry. This past October, however, Bond saw business once again begin to move in the right direction after the grand reopening of its 5,000 square foot Miami showroom.

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This American Standard® showroom is staying ahead of the curve with products that comply with California’s green laws

The AquaBella Kitchen & Bath Showroom, a subsidiary of WHCI Plumbing Supply Company in Union City, California, is a relative newcomer to consumer sales, with only five years in retail to its credit. AquaBella showcases kitchen and bath fixtures and furniture from such manufacturers as American Standard®, Jado® and Porcher®.

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Central Arizona Supply – American Standard® Showrooms with Hot Wheels

Let it not be said that Central Arizona Supply Company is asleep at the wheel. The plumbing and HVAC distributor started up 42 years ago in Mesa, Arizona, in the heart of “The Grand Canyon State”, and has since expanded across northern and southern Arizona, with nine locations, plus one in Las Vegas, Nevada. Six include showrooms, the newest in the city of Show Low, Arizona.

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NEXT Plumbing Supply – The American Standard® Showrooms Where Other Showrooms Shop

Partners David Lopatin, Marc Lopatin, and Larry Cohen, president, CEO, and vice president respectively of NEXT Plumbing Supply, have an unconventional perspective on competition as it relates to their showrooms – it is non-existent. Together the trio operates the seven-year-old company’s Deerfield Beach, Orlando, and West Palm Beach, Florida locations with a unique approach in terms of the infrastructure of their three 2,500 square feet showrooms, which all include adjoining wholesale warehouses. They have established their showrooms as a go-to place for other area showrooms to find product from manufacturers like American Standard® at wholesale prices.

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New American Standard® Design Center Showroom Tells the Story of Style That Works Better

American Standard’s new display space brims with smart ways to create an environmentally-sensitive showroom cost effectively — while also highlighting the sophisticated engineering it takes to be a performance leader. Housed in the company’s Piscataway, N.J. Product Design Center, the showroom is designed to help residential and commercial building professionals experience the reality of American Standard Brands “total bath and kitchen solutions”. The flexible display space demonstrates a solution for cost-efficiently keeping showrooms changed and updated, while effectively meeting marketplace demands.

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Century Wholesale Plumbing – the American Standard® Showroom That Is the Gateway to Latin America

This American Standard® showroom exercises its competitive advantage through international commerce

Century Plumbing Wholesale is the largest wholesale and retail plumbing supplier in its vicinity.

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WaterSpot - These American Standard® Showrooms Go To the Head of the Class

This American Standard® showroom group found a new business mindset in the classroom.

It was little more than five years ago when the Rhode-Island-based WaterSpot Showrooms were selected by the not-for-profit Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation to participate in a pilot educational program aimed at helping small-to-medium size businesses in the industry grow.

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Robertson Heating Supply Company - American Standard® Showrooms - Where No Man Is An Island

Robertson Heating Supply Company is looking forward with enthusiasm to better times ahead. The plumbing and heating supplies distributor, based in Alliance, Ohio, found it necessary to make strategic adjustments to its business model, including a reduction in its total company workforce, after noticing a downturn in sales that started November 2006. Paramount among those adjustments was adding more value to the retail marketplace through mainstay manufacturers like American Standard®.

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Klaff's – American Standard® Showrooms With An Unwavering Philosophy

This American Standard® showroom makes no apologies for holding steadfast to its reputation for offering high-end products

When Klaff’s, the nation’s largest independently owned home design retail center, opened its doors in South Norwalk, Connecticut in 1921, husband and wife team Joe and Mary Klaff were focused on supplying pipes, fittings, and cast-iron sinks and tubs to plumbers, architects, and contractors.

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Coburn Supply Company – An American Standard® Showroom that Keeps It All in the Family

It was 1934 when Coburn Supply Company founder Albert J. Coburn heard opportunity knock a second time. Three years earlier he’d gone to work for a newly opened plumbing supply distributor in Beaumont, Texas after the stock market crash of 1929 put an end to his contractor business. Coburn approached the plumbing supply distributor to buy its materials on consignment, after hearing they would be closing their doors, and Coburn Supply Company was born.

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Design On Tap – The American Standard® Showroom Where Every Designer Knows Your Name

Design on Tap kitchen and bath showroom in Greenville, South Carolina is the newest and most uniquely run division of Cregger Company, Inc., a leading South Carolina plumbing supply distributor. Cregger, with four other South Carolina Design On Tap showrooms and locations in North Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, and Illinois, has been in business since 1978 and prides itself on a core value proposition that reflects its tagline: Expect the Exceptional.

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Ocala Winnelson Company – An American Standard Showroom With Mass Appeal

Scott Murphy, assistant manager and showroom manager at Ocala Winnelson Company in Ocala, Florida, never believed for a minute that ice cream cornered the market on mass appeal. When he and Ocala Winnelson founder and president Don Johnson opened the doors in May 2008, they knew they had to cross over demographic and psychographic boundaries to make a significant impact on the area's diverse consumer base.

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Banner Plumbing Supply Boosts Showroom Sales 20 Percent through Extraordinary Customer Service

Walt Disney said about customer service: "Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends." Michelle Henderson, kitchen and bath designer and showroom manager at Banner Plumbing Supply Company in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, takes this ideal to heart. It's barely been 18 months since the showroom doors opened and already the sales numbers show Henderson's "customer-first" business philosophy has Banner heading for big success.

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Atlantic Plumbing Supply – Collaboration-Driven Success, American Standard Style

What makes a kitchen and bath showroom stand out, really stand out, from its competitors? Does the difference lie in product, or environment, or in relationships? Or is it a combination of all? The answer is based on many variables that are, at times, a moving target. Susan Ciambrone, Showroom Manager at Atlantic Plumbing Supply Company's, "The Showroom at Atlantic" in Long Branch, New Jersey understands this better than most.

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The Fixture Gallery, Pacific – An American Standard Preferred Showroom/An American Business Role Model

When The Fixture Gallery in Pacific, Washington opened its showroom doors in September 2008, it was an undertaking not for the faint of heart. Traditional status quo methods of marketing and doing business would prove a sure recipe for disaster. American Standards innovative products with the newest in technologies and features offered a platform where customers could come in and get their feet wet... literally, if they like. In a dynamic, hands-on environment, this American Standard authorized showroom is growing their sales by 15-20% per month during a time when staying afloat is the focus of the masses.

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Longley Supply and American Standard Display Systems

Successful showrooms drive sales with a dependable selection of popular products and fashion-forward features in an environment appealing to both professional trades and retail customers. American Standard's flexible, style-savvy display systems are designed to create the optimum in guest experience and business results, as evidenced in the 30 percent post-remodel sales increase experienced by Longley Supply of New Bern, N.C.

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