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The toilet is a key component to having a great bathroom. Besides appearance there are many aspects and features that should be considered when selecting the perfect toilet for your bathroom such as size, height, and flushing system. All toilets are not the same so it's important to find one that best matches your budget and lifestyle.

Here's what to consider when choosing a new toilet...

Siphonic or Wash Down?

In a siphonic action toilet, the trapway fills with water during the flush which initiates a siphonic action which "pulls" material out of the bowl while the water entering the bowl from the tank through the jet and the rim "pushes" material out. This simultaneous pushing and pulling completely evacuates the bowl during every flush.

Wash Down
In a wash down action toilet, the water from the tank pours into the bowl and washes the material down the outlet. It is a "pushing" action only, and does not evacuate the bowl. These toilets have small (4" x 5") water surface areas in the bowls that are deep down in the bowl.

Most US toilets are siphonic; many European toilets are wash down. People in the US have been most familiar with, and prefer siphonic action toilets.

What kind of flushing system is right for you?

If you have heavy usage and tend to clog toilets, you should consider a high performance flushing system. Larger flush valves (>2" diameter) deliver water with more speed and force, and larger trapway outlets (>2" diameter) move greater amounts of bulk material without clogging.

The Champion®4 Flushing System
The Champion 4 has the largest siphonic trapway (2-3/8" diameter) and the largest flush valve (4" diameter) is virtually clog free, so you'll never have to plunge again. It's packed with innovative features that make it ideal for busy and/or large households.

The Cadet®3 Flushing System
The Cadet 3 has a larger siphonic trapway (2-1/8" diameter) and a larger flush valve (3" diameter) for higher performance and fewer clogs. What's more, its easy-to-clean design makes it ideal for medium to high use bathrooms. A variant of this system is the LXP Flushing System, which has an industry standard 2" diameter siphonic trapway with a larger flush valve (3" diameter), which also offers higher performance with fewer clogs.

All other American Standard toilets have industry standard 2" diameter siphonic trapways and 2" diameter flush valves. They offer reliable performance that's well-suited for light-to-medium use bathrooms.

Is water conservation important to you?

By law, current toilets use no more than 1.6gallons per flush (gpf), which is less than 50% of the water used by older 3.5 or higher gallon per flush toilets. Because of advances in the hydraulic design of the 1.6gpf toilets, these toilets work as well as, and in the case of Champion4 and Cadet3, even better than the older toilets in terms of bulk removal and reduced clogs.

High Efficiency Toilets (HET)
These toilets use 20% less water than the 1.6gpf toilets, typically using 1.28gpf. Look for the name "FloWise®" in American Standard toilets which offer HET water conservation with no loss in flushing performance. Many Cadet® 3 and Evolution 2 toilets are available in a FloWise HET configuration.

Dual Flush Toilets
These toilets offer a choice in water usage: 1.6gpf for heavy usage and a water saving 0.8 to 1.1gpf flush for light usage. American Standard offers FloWise Dual Flush wash down dual flush toilets, H2Option siphonic dual flush toilets, and Boulevard one-piece and Studio two-piece LXP siphonic dual flush toilets. The siphonic dual flush toilets will flush solids at the water conserving flush.

Different parts of the country have different water conservation issues. Use of a dual flush or HET toilet may qualify for a rebate in your area. Not only will you save money without sacrificing performance, but you may even get paid to do it.

One-Piece, or Two-?

One Piece
A "one-piece" toilet is actually six to ten individual pieces sculpted into a seamless unit which has both the tank and the bowl. The result is a sleek, hand-crafted toilet with no crevices between the tank and bowl to collect dirt and odors.

Two Piece
A "two-piece" toilet has a separate bowl and tank which are bolted together. All American Standard bowls have a "sanitary dam," which is a raised chinaware pier at the back of the bowl onto which the tank is bolted. This raised area acts as a dam so that offending materials can be cleaned off and will not accumulate and cause odors between the bowl and tank.

Is cleanliness important to you?

Consider the EverClean® Surface. It is an ultra-smooth glaze with antimicrobial properties which is applied on top of the conventional glaze and fired-in to all glazed surfaces of the toilet. It gives the toilet a super smooth mirror-like finish to which stays cleaner because soil has a harder time clinging to it. It also stays cleaner because it inhibits the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria, mold, and mildew on the surface. It is available as the standard finish at no extra cost on American Standard's higher end toilets, such as Champion® 4, Cadet® 3, LXP, and H2Option.

What style do you like?

American Standard offers a wide range of styles, from traditional to transitional to contemporary, in most flushing systems including Champion 4, Cadet 3, LXP, and Aquaforce.

Round Front or Elongated?

Round front toilets are compact to fit in small spaces. Elongated toilets have extra room in the front for added comfort. American Standard also offers Compact Cadet 3 one- and two-piece compact elongated toilets with elongated shape bowls which fit into the space of a round front toilet.

Do you want a tall bowl?

Traditionally, toilet bowl rim heights have been around 15" from the floor. The seat ring adds another -1/2" to 1". Many people find that a taller bowl is more comfortable. American Standard offers "Right Height" bowl options for most models. These have rim height about 16-1/2" from the floor.

What are your size and rough-in requirements?

Toilets come in various sizes, so check the width, depth, and height of your available space. Most toilets bolt to the floor 12" from the wall (not counting baseboard). This is the so-called "rough-in" dimension. American Standard also makes 10" and 14" rough-in toilets. Measure first to be sure what you need.

Quality Assurance

American Standard toilets are fully tested to ensure superior quality and lasting performance. This includes actually flush testing each bowl at the plant before it is put into the box. Each component must comply with American Standard's industry-leading product durability standards.


All of American Standard toilets feature a lifetime warranty on the chinaware, and either a 10, 5, or 1 year warranty on all mechanical parts, covering everything from the inside out. If a seat is provided with the toilet it has a 1 year warranty.

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