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American Standard Introduces the Next Generation of Toilet Technology

America’s Best™ Flushing System backed by unprecedented 10-year warranty including tank and trim

Piscataway, N.J. (June 3, 2003) — It’s clearly a Champion. American Standard has created America’s Best™ Flushing System, a new flapper-free, gravity-fed technology that flushes quickly, quietly and completely.

America’s Best Flushing System is first launching on a new two-piece toilet aptly named Champion™. Champion introduces several exclusives to the marketplace, including:

The tower of power: America’s Best Flushing System has a patent-pending Flush Tower that releases 1.6 gallons of water in just 0.75 seconds.

A 3-inch flush valve: The flush valve is 50 percent larger than the industry standard of two inches. This allows more water to enter the bowl faster for a more powerful flush.

The largest siphon trapway: At 2 3/8 inches, Champion’s siphon trapway diameter is the largest in the industry.

The best warranty: America’s Best Flushing System is so advanced, American Standard backs Champion with a 10-year warranty on the entire toilet, including the trim.

One look at Champion demonstrates that it is no ordinary toilet. Champion has a deck that slopes upward and connects to the tank at a higher point than regular two-piece toilets. This is because the inlet to the bowl is curved. The water is not slowed by making sharp 90 degree turns, so it enters the bowl at maximum velocity.

“By re-engineering the hydraulics of the flush action, we were able to open the trapway wider than any other 1.6 gpf toilet,” said Rob Kass, American Standard’s vice president of marketing. “America’s Best Flushing System virtually eliminates clogging.

“That’s why our promotional icon heralds the end of plunger use in our time,” Kass said.

By eliminating the flapper, Champion with America’s Best Flushing System meets the strictest non-adjustability codes required by a growing number of municipalities. The Flush Tower has a sealing silicone rubber seal that functions in place of a flapper. The automatic shut-off metered flush cannot be adjusted.

Consumers will appreciate that America’s Best Flushing System flushes as quietly as any other gravity-fed toilet. The unusual design of the deck with the higher connection to the tank provides the added bonus of making Champion easy to clean. Consumers will also enjoy the comfort of American Standard’s exclusive Right Height™ design that brings the bowl up to 16.5 inches and meets ADA requirements.

“We have created a superior flushing system that saves both water and aggravation,” said Michele Hudec, American Standard’s senior brand director. “And we’ve applied it in a toilet that provides style, easy care, comfort and value, because those attributes are also important to consumers.”

Suggested retail price for the Champion toilet is $408. Champion will begin rolling out to wholesalers nationwide in June. Other toilet models featuring America’s Best Flushing System will be available in 2004.

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