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Beautiful New Air Bath Options Provide an Invigorating Bathing Experience

April 11, 2008)

— Four beautiful new American Standard air bath models combine spa-worthy styling and easy maintenance for an invigorating bathing experience.

Each Premium air bath design incorporates the exclusive Smooth Air™ Massage System from American Standard to deliver the luxurious sensation of full bubble immersion from perfectly smooth air jets located throughout the tub bottom, a streamlined design advance over traditional, hard-to-clean jet buttons. Comforting warmth is provided by the system’s built-in air heater. The Chromatherapy option on Premium models cycles through an infinite range of colors.

Adding to the tranquility of sleek air bath profiles is the EverClean™ System, which incorporates a patented silver-ion additive right into the circulation piping to help inhibit the growth of mold, mildew, algae, and fungus on the pipes. EverClean also includes an automatic purge feature that clears the air lines after each use or at a regular daily time programmed by the user.
Three distinctive premium air bath designs combine these luxurious conveniences to suit any bathing space. The Asian-inspired styling of the Green Tea Premium Air Bath draws on elements of the graceful Japanese tea ceremony in its integration of full-length armrests and a raised back and neck support with flowing lines reminiscent of a kimono. The subtly backlit electronic variable speed air blower controls allow the user to quickly shift from gentle to invigorating massage speeds or choose a wave function that continuously cycles between blower speeds. An optional Chromatherapy package brings healing light and color to the Green Tea Premium Air Bath experience, which may be enjoyed in five sizes ranging from 5-feet by 36-inches to 6-feet by 42-inches. Green Tea Premium Airbaths are available in White, Bone, Linen and Black.
Town Square Premium Air Bath models offer traditional design coordinating with American Standard’s popular suite of Town Square fittings and fixtures. Also suited to Chromatherapy, these stylish air baths are offered in 5-foot and 6-foot models and are available in White, Bone, Linen and Black.

Available in a full range of colors, the Ellisse Oval Premium Air Bath features a classic oval design with grab bars and lumbar recline and may be further enhanced with Chromatherapy.
The new Evolution™ Air Baths offer yet another soothing bathing option with their Full Body Air Massage System, in which jets placed strategically around the bath wall surround the bather with invigorating comfort. Evolution’s electronic controls shift the variable-speed air blower through settings ranging from gentle to invigorating and a wave function that continuously cycles between blower speeds. Integrated armrests and the option of a Deep Soak™ Drain further enhance the Evolution experience, and its chrome jets can be capped for a seamless color match with the tub. Evolution Air Baths are available in 5-foot and 6-foot models in White, Bone, Linen and Black.
American Standard’s Premium Air Baths are priced at $3,300 to $4,200 for Green Tea, $3,600 to $4,200 for Ellisse Oval, and $3,400 to $4,200 for Town Square. Evolution Air Baths retail for between $2,200 and $2,600.
For more information on the Green Tea, Ellisse Oval or Town Square Premium Air Baths, the Evolution Air Baths or other American Standard products, visit or call (800) 899-2614.

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