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New Faucets Install in Minutes and Offer Sparkle Without Scrubbing

It’s Not Magic; It’s American Ingenuity

CHICAGO, KITCHEN/BATH INDUSTRY SHOW (April 20, 2006) — It’s not an episode of the classic TV show Bewitched. American Standard has figured out how to make faucets that can be installed and cleaned almost as fast as Samantha can twitch her nose. And probably more easily.

One wipe effortlessly removes dried water spots and other dirt from faucets having the EverClean™ finish, a permanent finish now offered on American Standard’s most popular bathroom and kitchen sink faucets.

The new Speed Connect™ drain for bath faucets can be installed in a fraction of the time because it requires fewer installation steps and fewer parts than conventional drains. The exclusive drain design is also virtually hassle-free because it can be installed without special tools or even plumber’s putty. What’s more, the drain seals tight the first time and every time, and never needs adjusting, obvious bonuses for busy homeowners.

The EverClean finish prevents dirt and water spots from adhering to the faucet surface. Water beads up and one wipe with a dry cloth removes the spots easily, leaving a lustrous shine. Nanotechnology, the process of innovation at the unfathomably small nanoparticle, is behind the magical benefits of EverClean. The patented protective finish is integrated into the faucet surface during the manufacturing process.

With just four parts–instead of up to 14–the Speed Connect drain beats the competition before it even comes out of the box. The product is shipped pre-assembled with a flexible and durable stainless-steel cable attached to the faucet body. This replaces the usual pivot and extension rod, making it much easier to install even in tight spaces.

Because the Speed Connect’s drain stopper is preset and pre-assembled, no adjustments are required during installation, and a foam gasket provides a watertight seal without plumber’s putty. Among the exclusive benefits are a factory installed internal seal that eliminates common leak points and a stopper that holds water in the sink without seepage.

Taking It Easy
The EverClean finish joins a bathroom full of products from American Standard that are engineered to stay cleaner longer, including the EverClean antimicrobial glaze on toilets, a new EverClean antimicrobial toilet seat, EverClean whirlpools that inhibit the growth of mold and mildew, and Scotchgard™ Protector on selected bathroom sinks.

EverClean finish is available on a wide range of existing American Standard faucets in a choice of Chrome, Brass, Stainless Steel, Satin Nickel or Mixage™ (a combination of finishes). EverClean reveals the true beauty of all the offered finishes and is guaranteed to last for the life of the faucet.

Simplifying installation with Speed Connect features benefits both do-it-yourselfers and trade professionals. “Growing selections of styles and finishes have made faucets the crowning touch of the bath, but installation hassles have prevented homeowners from changing their look very often,” says Gray Uhl, American Standard director of design. “Now with the Speed Connect drain, the faucet is joining other accessories in becoming bathroom jewelry because it’s so easy to change your faucet style.”

“Plumbers have told us about job delays because someone dropped a small drain part where it couldn’t be reached. The Speed Connect drain eliminates this common hassle,” says Michele Hudec, senior marketing director of faucets for American Standard.

All American Standard faucets have ceramic disc valving, the state-of-the-art drip-free technology pioneered by American Standard and backed by a lifetime drip-free guarantee. For more information on American Standard products, visit or call (800) 899-2614.

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