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Selectronic™ System is First Headache-Free Hands-Free Proximity Bathroom System

One programmable sensor does it all, reducing maintenance time and repair part inventory costs

American Standard introduces Selectronic technology, the next generation of proximity commercial fittings designed to be headache-free for plumbing engineers, facilities managers, distributors and users.

The same watertight miniature sensor works for all Selectronic products, including a two lavatory faucets; Ceratronic, the only touch-free temperature-control faucet; and American Standard’s Innsbrook urinal.

A remote control device enables facilities managers to adjust the visual range and time variables above deck with just the touch of a button.

Specifying is easier too, since the Selectronic system can operate up to 15 lavatory faucets from just one power supply. The faucets can be safely linked to each other in a daisy chain configuration, rather than individually wiring each faucet back to the supply. Until now, the best systems could only run six faucets from one supply, and each faucet still required its own wiring.

A Brief History of Frustration
Nothing beats the hands-free hygiene advantage of proximity controls in public restrooms. Unfortunately, nothing beats the frustration that end users, specifiers and facilities managers have experienced since proximity controls first entered into common use during the last decade. Many things can affect their performance, from water-born debris to reflective surfaces that interfere with the infrared beam.

As the technology has advanced, different platforms have evolved that are unique for each application, offering little flexibility or inter-changeability. Specifying is complex, and maintaining inventory for so many different repair parts is costly.

American Standard's Solution
"American Standard engineers set out to fix every major annoyance with proximity control systems," said Michele Hudec, American Standard's senior brand director. "The Selectronic sensor is immune to false readings from outside lighting, reducing waste and end-user dissatisfaction. A patented self-cleaning water filter ensures trouble-free operation."

The Selectronic sensor has two built-in functions for urinals. During conventional use, the user stands within the range to be recognized and the unit flushes automatically two seconds after the user steps away. Range and flush-time can be programmed by the facility manager.

The Stadium Feature conserves water during periods of heavy use such as half time at a football game or lunch time at school. Selectronic technology senses multiple users and automatically converts to Stadium Feature so the urinal flushes only every two minutes until normal use resumes. A safety timer turns off the water if the sensor is accidentally blocked.

The Selectronic lavatory faucets deliver three types of hands-free functionality, in either a high-flow gooseneck spout or a standard lavatory spout. In conventional mode, water starts flowing when users place their hands within range of the sensor and stops flowing when the hands are removed. The metering mode sets a time limit on how long the water will keep flowing after sensing a user.

Ceratronic has a "touchless" button controlling both water flow and temperature, ideal for medical facilities, since doctors and nurses can wave their hands to start and stop the flow at their convenience.

Selectronic technology was first available in American Standard's Asian markets and underwent extensive field tests in the US, receiving raves from customers who have had first-hand experience with the technology. The Selectronic sensor has already begun shipping on American Standard's Innsbrook urinal. For more information on this and other American Standard products call (800) 899-2614.

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