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With industry-leading innovation, design, and performance you can depend on!

American Standard Toilets have been setting the standard of quality and performance with our top-rated technology and revolutionary systems. Large trapways remove bulk quickly and effectively, eliminating clogs. Powerful wash systems like our VorMax technology flush cleaner, and our EverClean antimicrobial surfaces keep your toilets cleaner, longer. Our toilets use less water with each flush, so they save more water and are environmentally friendly.

Our toilets are offered in varying flush rates for optimum water savings. We have several options at 1.28 gallons per flush, using 20% less water than the normal 1.6 gallons per flush rate without sacrificing performance. For homes with higher levels of use or, the need for the option to use more gallons per flush, a dual flush toilet may be a better choice for you. These toilets, found in our H2Option line, allow the user to select either a full or partial flush each time. Many of our toilets feature our exceptional VorMax toilet flushing technology and our EverClean surfaces as well.

Our toilets also feature a variety of shapes and configurations, including round front toilets, which are compacted for smaller bathrooms, or the more comfortable elongated toilet. Or, if you fall in between, we have a selection of compact elongated toilets as well. We have several options for stylish one-piece toilets as well, creating an elegant look in any bathroom.

Available in a wide array of design styles, finishes, and features, our dependable toilets are unbeatable and will look great in any style bathroom. No matter which you choose, you can always depend on an American Standard toilet.

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