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We have a broad range of bath and kitchen products that are designed to blend with any style – modern, traditional, casual and eclectic. Modern looks are softer, and easy to live with. Traditional style is grounded in the Victorian Age. Casual is a simple and straightforward style – taking its inspiration from nature and craftsmanship. Eclectic is the ultimate ‘mish-mash’ of styles – it is also your best opportunity to make your very own, unique personality stamp on your home.

  • Traditional
  • Casual
  • Modern

Distinguished, Classical & Time-Honored

Traditional style is grounded in the sumptuous interior design of the Victorian Age, but these days it doesn’t have to be an exact historical replica, which would be overwhelming. It is enough to get the general look and feel of the décor right—lavish, luxurious, and ornate—by using deep colors, patterned fabrics, and lots of furniture, photos, and knickknacks.

When the traditional style is done right, it results in richly textured, elegantly upholstered interiors that exude warmth and comfort without being overstuffed or pretentious.

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Relaxed, Informal & Transitional

Casual is a simple and straightforward style. Taking its inspiration from nature and craftsmanship, it harks back to a less sophisticated time in the past, when life ran at a gentler pace and family ties were very strong. If you fancy a timeless, classic, uncomplicated look–warm and friendly, with all the comforts of home–that is nevertheless stylish and elegant, then you're ready to embrace the casual style.

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Fresh, Contemporary & Cutting-Edge

Today modern style means a relaxed, clutter-free, and highly livable look. Minimalism prizes clarity of shape and line, subtlety of color and texture, and abundance of light and space, but it is softer, less stark, and more forgiving than it once was.

Inspired by the Arts & Crafts principle that nothing should be brought into the house that isn’t both beautiful and useful, the less-is-more school of design says the only furniture and objects worth having must give aesthetic pleasure and be of practical use. Follow this rule and your home will achieve an unmistakably modern look.

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