Williamsburg Anti-Scald PB Tub & Shower

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Model Number: 1041.229.099

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Cast Brass Valve Body: Durable - Quality that will last a

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Cast Brass Valve Body: Durable - Quality that will last a
lifetime. Ideal material for prolonged contact with water.

Ceramic Disc Valve Cartridge: Assures a lifetime of
smooth handle operation and drip-free performance.

Pressure Balancing Valve Cartridge: Maintains constant output temperature in response to changes in hot and cold supply pressure. Diaphragm system engineered to eliminate cross flow and spool "thumping". Avoids failure due to mineral deposits - ideal for use in hard water

Back-to-Back Capability: Hot and cold can be reversed quickly and easily.

Adjustable Hot Limit Safety Stop: Limits the amount of hot water allowed to mix with cold. Reduces the risk of accidental scalding.

Integral Plaster Guard and Mounting Plate: Plaster guard is designed to protect valve during installation and serve as a mounting plate for thin-wall installations.

No Exposed Screws: Decorative dial plate conceals screws.

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  • 1041.229.099 - Pressure Balance Bath/Shower

    Estimated List Price: Check your local Home Depot

    • 2 sets of handles (metal levers and porcelain levers). I.P.S. diverter spout. Polished Brass (PVD) finish. These products meet or exceed the following codes and standards: ASSE 1016 ASME A112.18.1M CSA B125 NSF14

We’re sorry, we are not offering any repair parts for this product through our online Repair Parts store at this time.

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