Cadet 3 Toilet 3 Inch Flapper Assembly

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$8.00 Each

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Flapper Assembly - 3"
3" Flapper Assembly, 1.6 gpf

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The American Standard Flapper Assembly is engineered to function flawlessly. Our superb design is durable and reliable. Once you confirm that this flapper assembly will work with your Cadet 3 toilet, you can install it easily and with confidence. Check the repair part information for your toilet to confirm compatibility

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  • 738920-0070A - Flapper Assembly - 3"

    Estimated List Price: $ 8.00

    • 3" Flapper Assembly, 1.6 gpf

We’re sorry, we are not offering any repair parts for this product through our online Repair Parts store at this time.
Parts can be ordered through customer service at 800-442-1902.

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