Heritage Toilet

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Model Number: 2031.016, 033643-0070A, 047174-0070A, 047227-XXX0A, 047230-0070A, 047231-YYY0A, 047234-XXX0A, 5357.016.XXX, 735013-400.XXX

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  • DISCONTINUED: This product is no longer available.

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Main Fixtures

  • 2031.016 - Heritage Toilet

    Estimated List Price:

Add. Fixture/Component Parts

  • 033643-0070A - Seat Disc

    Estimated List Price: $ 6.00

  • 047174-0070A - Water Control Assy (with Float Ball)

    Estimated List Price:

  • 047227-XXX0A - Bolt Cap Cover Plate Kit

    Estimated List Price:

  • 047230-0070A - Flush Valve

    Estimated List Price:

  • 047231-YYY0A - Trip Lever

    Estimated List Price:

  • 047234-XXX0A - Seat Post Mounting Kit

    Estimated List Price:

Required Components

  • 5357.016.XXX - Seat and Cover

    Estimated List Price:

  • 735013-400.XXX - Tank Cover

    Estimated List Price:

We’re sorry, we are not offering any repair parts for this product through our online Repair Parts store at this time.

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