Learn > About Toilets > How to Change the Silicone Seal on a Vormax Toilet

If you are experiencing a leaking toilet, the silicone seal on your flapper may need to be replaced.  Follow this video to replace the silicone seal on your Vormax Toilet from American Standard.

Recommended Tools: 

  • Needle Nose Pliers 


STEP 1: Turn off the water supply,

STEP 2: Drain the tank by holding down the handle, or lifting the valve chain inside the tank. 

STEP 3: Depress the trip lever, and remove the clevis pin from the trip lever rod. Needle nose pliers will make it easier to grip and remove the clevis pin.  

STEP 4: Detach the trip lever rod from the flush valve. 

Detach the flappers from both the red and black flush valves. 

STEP 6: Remove the silicone seal kit from both flappers. 

Attach the silicon seal kits to both flappers. 

Reattach the flappers to each flush valve, and then

STEP 9: Reattach the flush valve to the trip lever, replace the clevis pin, and your VorMax toilet is now ready to use again!