Learn | Toilets | What is a Toilet Rough-In 

A toilet’s rough-in refers to the measurement dimension from the finished wall to the center of mounting holes on the floor flange. Toilets are typically offered in either 10 inch, 12 inch, or 14 inch rough-ins. The 12 inch rough-in is by far the most common in the US. If you select the wrong rough-in size for your bathroom you will either end up with a toilet that will not fit or one with a large gap between the back of the tank and the finished wall. You can usually find a 12 inch toilet at any home improvement retailer or showroom, but 10 inch and 14 inch rough-in toilets may need to be special ordered. If you are replacing your toilet make sure to measure from the center of the floor flange (the waste hole) to the back of the finished wall before going to find the replacement.

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