The SpaLet Bidet Toilet Seat makes using the bidet function convenient and simple. The SpaLet has two spray nozzles for front and rear cleansing. These nozzles can be activated using the included remote and are clearly labeled with “Bidet” for front feminine cleansing and “Cleansing” for rear washing.  Understanding the remote is the first step to getting accommodated to using the SpaLet Bidet Toilet Seat. 

How to Use the SpaLet Bidet Remote

spalet 1.0Using the SpaLet Bidet Toilet Seat

Once you’re ready to engage the bidet functionality, do the following:

  1. Remain seated on the bowl
  2. Select Bidet or Cleansing for preferred washing method
  3. The nozzle(s) will deploy and begin spraying
  4. Adjust pressure and temperature using the remote
  5. When finished, select stop; nozzles will be returned to their compartment and rinsed
  6. Flush the toilet