Acrylux Bathing Fixtures

  • Can the Acrylux shower walls be used with any type of bath tub?

    Acrylux walls can work with most standard bathtubs from any manufacturer, as long as they have a tiling flange. And yes, they would install the same way.

    However, some tubs have special features such as a double-tile flange which may not fit well or look very good when used with the Acrylux Walls. So it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the fit and appearance of the Acrylux walls when used with any tubs other than Acrylux Tubs.

  • Scratch Removal Instructions

    For effective scratch removal and polishing, you will need to purchase these items:
    1 sheet 1000 grit 3M® wet-dry sandpaper
    1 sheet 1500 grit 3M® wet-dry sandpaper
    1 sheet 2000 grit 3M® wet-dry sandpaper
    1 small container of 3M® rubbing compound #05933

    These items can be purchased at most auto supply stores that provide supplies to professional paint and body shops. Call before you go. Not all auto supply stores will have these items.

    Start sanding with 2000 grit paper. Use small squares of paper about 2" x 2" for all sanding and use lots of water. The water serves as both a lubricant and to prevent residue buildup on the paper. Residue buildup shortens the effective life of the paper and may scratch the surface you are trying to polish.

    2000 grit paper is the finest grit available (the higher the number, the finer the grit). If you can’t remove all of the scratches with 2000 grit, switch to 1500 grit. Remember to wash the paper frequently with water as you sand.

    If all of the scratches cannot be removed with 1500 grit, switch to 1000 grit. This should remove most fine scratches. If you have deep scratches or a gouge, coarser paper may have to be used (see chart to right). Be careful! Using grit that is too coarse may actually put in more scratches than it removes.

    Once you have removed all of the scratches by sanding the finest paper possible, repeat the sanding process using successively finer grits of paper until you have once again sanded with 2000 grit.

    Now use 3M® rubbing compound #05933 on a soft, damp cloth. Polish using considerable pressure to produce a smooth, shiny finish.
  • What can be used to clean my Acrylux product?

    Do not use any abrasive cleaners or metal scrapers. If drywall mud or plaster gets on your tub, it may be carefully removed with a wooden scraper made from a piece of scrap wood. Adhesive may be removed with mineral spirits. Ideal cleaners are Soft Scrub Gel® or Comet Gel®.

  • What is the American Standard limited warranty for Acrylux Products?

    For warranty information on Acrylux Products, click here.


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