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How to Replace a Flush Valve on a Vormax Toilet

Watch and follow along as this video guides you through the process of replacing a flush valve in your American Standard VorMax toilet. 





STEP 1: To begin, turn off the water supply. Then, drain the tank by holding down the handle or lifting the valve chain inside the tank.

STEP 2:  Depress the trip lever and remove the clevis pin from the trip lever rod. Then, detach the trip lever rod from the flush valve.

STEP 3:  Loosen and remove the 3 tank-to-bowl nuts and set them aside. 

STEP 4: Remove the gaskets, detach the inlet valve, and remove the flush valve. Turn counter clockwise to remove.

STEP 5: Insert your new flush valve, and attach the inlet valve to the flush valve. 

STEP 6: Tighten the nuts and gaskets on the bottom of the tank. 

STEP 7: Reattach the flush valve to the trip lever, and replace the clevis pin. 

STEP 8: Depress the trip lever handle all the way. Make sure the hook is fully engaged under the tab on the valve body. If not, slightly adjust the screw to make sure the hook is engaged. 

STEP 9: Adjust the screw on the teeter bar so that the back of the flapper touches the frame stop. 

STEP 10: Turn on the water supply. To ensure the water level is properly set, measure ¼” from the top of the overflow tube. This is where the water should stop.

STEP 11: Prime the bowl by flushing it approximately 5 times, with 30 second intervals between flushes. 

Your new flush valve is now successfully installed. 

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