In Motion Magazine: A Life Unlimited

Nov 1, 2016

Events divide lives into chapters. The story of any individual life includes long interludes of normalcy, punctuated by occasions of significance. It's not just living day after day that makes a life interesting or a life's story worth telling - it's the moments of demarcation that separate all that went before from all that is to come. We are defined by our changes. Some changes are a mater of our choosing, while others befall us without notice. The meaningful changes are those that we can't undo - like marriage, parenthood, loss of a loved one, or of a limb.

Like everyone living with limb loss, Aimee Copeland's life includes a chapter before limb loss, 24 years as an able-bodied, inquisitive woman with a future as bright as her smile, and those chapters now lived and still to come as an amputee. In Copeland's case, the amputee chapters of her story are as uplifting and emboldening as any chapter of any able-bodied life. Her life reads like the most uplifting of novels.

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