Learn > About Toilets > How to Clean the Toilet Water Control Valve of Debris 

If you notice that your toilet fill valve shuts off, but continues to leak slowly, you may need to clean the toilet water control. By following a few simple steps, you can easily rinse away debris from your fill valve.
Use this guide and video to help clear your water control/fill valve of debris, as it may resolve the leaking. 

Begin by turning off the water supply. Make sure the water supply is off.

STEP 2: Remove the valve top by lifting the arm, then rotating the top and arm, pressing down slightly on the cap.

STEP 3: While holding a container (we suggest a paper cup) over the uncapped valve to prevent splashing, turn the water supply on and off a few times – then leave it off. 

STEP 4: Replace the top by engaging the lugs and rotating 1/8 turn clockwise – make certain the tip is turned to the locked position.

Congratulations! Your water control valve should be clear of debris.