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How to Install the ActiClean Toilet

The ActiClean Self-Cleaning Toilet from American Standard is easy to install. Watch this quick, easy-to-follow video to find out how to install a toilet, featuring our new ActiClean toilet. Our innovative installation process features an easy attachment handle, for hand tightened, tool-free toilet installation. Also, learn how to install our cleaning cartridge, for a sparkling clean bowl using either the ActiClean Quick Clean or Deep Clean toilet bowl cleaning cycle in this amazing new self-cleaning toilet.




Tools for installation: 

Screwdriver (optional)

Installation Instructions: 

Step 1: Turn off water supply
Step 2: Place T-Bolts in Grooves
Step 3: To help align the bowl, place tape next to the T-bolts
Step 4: Press Wax Ring firmly down on the bottom of the toilet bowl
Step 5: Position toilet bowl over T-bolts and gently set down on the floor
Step 6: Tighten the nuts by hand and cover with bolt caps
Step 7: Confirm gaskets are fully seated on tank
Step 8: Secure Tank to Bowl
Step 9: Tighten with attachment handle
Step 10: Remove locking collar tabs
Step 11: Install tank top
Step 12: Turn locking collars to the lock position
Step 13: Insert 4 AA Batteries
Step 14: Insert the ActiClean Cleaning Cartridge into the top
Step 15: Tighten the supply line by hand
Step 16: Turn on Water Supply
Step 17: Tighten screw onto hinge on the toilet bowl
Step 18: Thread rubber plugs, rubber washers and winged nuts (in that order)
Step 19: Hand Tighten only 
Step 20: Place cap onto hinge
Step 21: Click seat onto hinge


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