Every Drop Counts: Ways to Save Water in Your Home

We all know water is essential for life. Yet, billions of people around the globe lack access to clean, safe water. Climate change and increasing demand are putting a strain on this vital resource. Here in North America, the average household uses a staggering amount of water each day – with a significant portion going towards bathroom and kitchen activities. Imagine a family of four using a traditional faucet (5 GPM) for just two minutes a day while brushing their teeth. This translates to a staggering 40 gallons of wasted water daily! By switching to a CEC-compliant faucet (1.2 GPM), that daily usage drops to just under 10 gallons – a savings of over 30 gallons per day! This is where we, as a leading bathroom and kitchen brand, can make a real impact. At American Standard, sustainability is at the core of our product development. We're constantly innovating to create faucets, showerheads, and toilets that use less water without compromising on performance. But water conservation goes beyond the products we create. Here are some simple things you can do at home to make a big difference:    

 • Turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth or shaving. Every second counts!
 • Take shorter showers. Aim for 5 minutes or less.
 • Fix leaky faucets and toilets promptly. Even a small drip can waste gallons of water over time.
 • Upgrade to water-efficient fixtures. Looking for products that meet requirements of environmental groups such as:

   • Watersense® - The EPA Watersense® program makes it easy to select water efficient products and ensures confidence in those products with a label-program backed by independent certification and performance testing.

   • CEC - The California Energy Commission sets stringent standards for water efficiency in plumbing fixtures. CEC-certified faucets meet or exceed these standards, ensuring they use less water compared to traditional models.

Sink Faucet

Bathroom Sink Faucets

American Standard CEC-certified faucets use innovative features like flow rate limits and efficient aerators to reduce water waste without sacrificing performance. This translates to significant savings on your water bill and environmental impact, making a simple switch in your bathroom a big splash for a sustainable future.


Conserve water while maintaining a luxurious shower experience with American Standard's water-efficient Aspirations showerhead. This innovative fixture utilizes technologies like low flow rates and specially designed spray patterns to deliver a satisfying rinse while using significantly less water compared to conventional models.


Our high-efficiency toilets, certified by organizations like WaterSense, use up to 20% less water per flush compared to traditional models. This innovative design doesn't sacrifice performance – thanks to powerful flushing mechanisms and precision engineering – you get exceptional results while using less water. By making the switch to an American Standard water-efficient toilet, you're not only creating a stylish bathroom retreat, you're contributing to a more sustainable future by conserving water.

Kitchen Faucets

The kitchen faucet is the workhorse of the kitchen, seeing constant action from food prep to cleanup. American Standard kitchen faucets combine style with sustainability. Water-saving features like flow rate limits and targeted sprayers ensure you get the cleaning power you need without wasting water. Plus, their durable design minimizes leaks, making every drop count in your kitchen and for the environment.


Adding a bidet to your bathroom can help reduce toilet paper use. This cleansing option has increased in popularity, reducing the need for toilet paper while providing enhanced comfort and improved hygiene. By reducing toilet paper use, the bidet helps to conserve the 12 to 37 gallons of water needed to produce a single roll of toilet paper. It’s easy to see the benefits of using a bidet, both personally and for our planet. Upgrade your bathroom with American Standard bidets - good for you, good for the Earth.

Looking for more ways to save water?

By working together, we can make a significant impact on water conservation. Visit our website for water-saving tips and information on our high-efficiency products.




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