Flush More with Less: American Standard Blends Maximum Toilet Performance with Water Efficiency

Jul 19, 2012

Watch the Video for the Champion 4 MAX and Cadet Decor!

PISCATAWAY, N.J.(July 19, 2012) — First American Standard flushed the competition with the Champion 4 toilet and its widest waterways in the industry.

Now comes the Champion 4 MAX, a WaterSense-certified, high efficiency toilet (HET) that uses 20 percent less water than standard toilets, yet still attains the highest possible rating in the Maximum Performance (MaP) test — an independent report of toilet bulk removal performance.

The Champion 4 MAX, as well as the new Cadet 3 Décor HET, can successfully flush 1,000 grams (2.2 pounds) of solid waste without clogging.

Even on just 1.28 gallons of water per flush.

”Toilet performance comes down to the size of the trapway and the rim wash, said Michael Friedberger, American Standard product director for consumer fixtures. "The bigger the trapway, the more waste it can handle and the less likely it is to clog. Plus, with our exclusive PowerWash rim technology, combined with our EverClean surface, these toilets stay cleaner longer. No keeping a scrub brush nearby.”

Both toilets are designed with DIYers in mind, simplified from the trade-only Champion PRO and Cadet PRO toilets. Everything needed is right in the box, so no getting caught short mid-installation without the right tools — it’s a DIYer’s dream.

Champion 4 MAX – The Industry Leader

The new Champion 4 MAX — like its golf-ball-devouring namesake that is top-rated by the nation’s leading consumer review magazine — boasts the industry’s widest flush valve and siphon trapway, backed by the longest warranty, to reliably produce a faster, more powerful, and quieter flush.

Champion 4 MAX gets a lot of flushing power using less water, effectively scouring the bowl clean without clogging. The Champion flushing platform has a funnel-shaped piston-action accelerator flush valve that forces the water to increase speed as it enters the bowl. Instead of a typical hinged flapper, the rigid plastic piston action allows 360 degrees of water to be released into the bowl in less than a second, delivering a precise, robust flush.

“The large, four-inch valve opening pushes water into the bowl three times faster than a standard two-inch flush valve,” Friedberger said. The company is so confident in this proven workhorse — preferred by millions of homeowners and luxury resort owners alike — that it guarantees the Champion 4 MAX for 10 years, unrivaled by the competition that offer warranties of only one year for comparable products.

Available in Tall Height elongated and round front models, the Champion 4 MAX has been created with a newly styled tank and lighter bowl to make it easier to handle and install. It includes a slow-close seat that eliminates the loud slamming of standard toilet seats.

Suggested retail prices are $239 for the Champion 4 MAX elongated toilet and $219 for the round front model. Both styles are available exclusively at The Home Depot.

Cadet 3 Décor – High Style and Performance

Sleek European “skirted” styling belies the raw flushing power in the new Cadet 3 Décor. This toilet’s flushing platform features a generous three-inch flush valve that allows more water to enter the bowl faster for greater flushing power and a large 2-1/16” trapway to avoid clogging.

Boasting clean lines and a concealed trapway, the Cadet 3 Décor HET is an ultra-low consumption 1.28 gpf toilet that — with no hard-to-clean curves — is not only beautiful, but easier to maintain.

The smooth-sided design of the Cadet 3 Décor is complemented by a slow-close, telescoping seat that conceals the seat ring for a showroom-like appearance when closed. This new HET carries a five-year warranty on all mechanical parts.

The suggested retail price is $259 for the Cadet 3 Decor elongated toilet. It is available exclusively at The Home Depot.

Shared Top Performance Features

PowerWash: Both the new Champion 4 MAX and Cadet 3 Décor high performance, water-saving models feature the American Standard PowerWash bowl cleaning technology for a quiet, yet powerful flush. PowerWash scrubs the bowl with pressurized water from the rim during each flush to remove every last trace of paper and waste. This siphonic-action technology ensures a powerful flush and superior bowl cleaning, every time, while using only 1.28 gpf.

EverClean:These new high performance HETs include the exclusive American Standard EverClean permanent surface that inhibits the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria on the surface, making toilets stay cleaner, longer. The EverClean surface is also incorporated into the matching slow-close seat on both styles.

No Tools Installation: Both the Champion 4 MAX and Cadet 3 Décor are designed to be installed with simple hand-tightening. No wrenches needed to tighten nuts, no sawing-off long bolts, and no getting caught short mid-installation without the right tools. Everything needed is right in the box, including simple, illustrative step-by-step instructions that even a novice can understand.

For more information, visit www.americanstandard.com or www.homedepot.com.


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