Water Saving Urinal Flush Valves Offer Superior Performance, Hands-Free Operation

Oct 25, 2013

PISCATAWAY, N.J. (October 25, 2013) ― New high efficiency urinal flush valves from American Standard offer Selectronic hands-free function, flexible power options, reduced maintenance and reliable performance.

Using just 0.25 gallons per flush (gpf), these sensor-operated flush valves for urinals offer 75 percent water savings compared to a standard 1.0 gpf valve and 50 percent when compared to a 0.5 gpf high efficiency urinal (HEU) flush valve. These flush valves are engineered to virtually eliminate routine maintenance – each employs a self-cleaning piston with integral wiper spring to significantly reduce clogs and reduce upkeep time by facility staff.

In states like California and Texas that already require the use of 0.5 gpf urinals, these 0.25 gpf hands free urinal flush valves contribute to LEED points with 50 percent water savings. The 0.25 gpf volume is also ideal for providing water savings in applications where a 0.125 gpf valve is not desired.

The new low consumption urinal flush valves incorporate the exclusive American Standard Selectronic proximity system, the hands-free commercial plumbing system that delivers on the promise, not the hassle, of touchless technology. This hygienic, hands-free universal sensor design can be leveraged in a full range of commercial bathroom applications, including toilets, urinals, dual-flush valves and faucet operation.

This exclusive Selectronic technology was developed to provide superior performance and flexibility, while reducing maintenance time and replacement part inventory costs. The flush valve sensor’s range is preset at the factory and can be adjusted either manually or via remote control above deck with just the touch of a button.

Like all Selectronic automatic urinal flush valves, these new valves offer a wide range of smart features designed to reduce maintenance and prevent problems. These features include:

  • A self-cleaning piston valve with integral wiper spring that cleans the refill orifice with every flush, significantly reducing clogs and maintenance
  • Fully mechanical manual override to allow the valve to flush without power
  • Fail-safe operation that causes the valve to close automatically, and stay closed, upon loss of power or water pressure
  • Chemical resistant EPDM seals that are unaffected by chloramines and other chemicals

Power options include exposed hard-wired AC, exposed hard-wired Multi-AC and exposed battery powered configurations for installation flexibility. The UL-approved hard-wired AC transformer allows this 0.25 gpf flush valve to run on AC power, eliminating the need to change batteries. One transformer can run up to 15 flush valves in a Multi-AC daisy-chain configuration. In applications where battery powered configurations are preferred, the DC option uses a long life CR-P2 lithium battery designed for four years (200,000 cycles) of operation.

For more information on the new Selectronic water saving urinal flush valves, visit www.americanstandard.com or call (800) 442-1902.


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