SpaLet AT200 Dual-Flush Smart Toilet Combines Modern Design with the Latest Automated Technology

May 14, 2016

NEW YORK, ICFF (May 14, 2016) ― Thoughtful design, soothing self-indulgence, and a heightened sense of comfort — welcome to your personal day spa. Sleek and sophisticated, the SpaLet AT200 dual-flush toilet with indulgent bidet functions is a luxury fixture that combines peerless design, advanced technology and flawless engineering to transform your daily ritual of visiting the bathroom into a pampering and rejuvenating experience.

Elegant in form, lavish in features, and unmatched in water efficiency and performance, this dual flush SpaLet AT200 smart toilet is an indispensable addition to today’s environmentally-aware lifestyle.

Designed with your individual comfort in mind, this electronic dual-flush smart toilet provides not only an enhanced hygienic experience, but a sense of self-indulgence from start to finish. It also offers a range of completely automated, easily adjusted functions to transform the bathroom into a relaxing, life-enhancing space — without compromising effectiveness, proficiency, or healthfulness.

Technologically and environmentally-sound, the SpaLet AT200 dual-flush smart toilet is WaterSense-certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for providing high performance with a dual-action flushing system that uses less water than the average toilet. With its 1.32 gallons per flush (gpf) for solid waste and .92 gpf for liquids, this smart toilet uses more than 40 percent less water than standard 1.6 gpf models in its low flush mode.

The SpaLet AT200 Rejuvenation Experience

The experience begins when the user approaches the SpaLet AT200 dual flush smart toilet and the seat lid opens smoothly and automatically. For superior personalized cleanliness, the SpaLet also includes a fully-automatic, five-position cleansing wand, with three adjustable water temperature settings, and six pressure options.

All cleansing functions are enabled by a sensor as soon as the user sits down on the temperature-controlled warming seat. When the user departs, the lid closes and the toilet automatically flushes. The SpaLet AT200 incorporates a soft night light in the bowl and in the area around the feet, conveniently illuminating the base of the toilet and the inside of the bowl. A sleek metal remote control is also included to add a unique and high-tech experience.

DXV by American Standard also offers the SpaLet AT100 bidet seat, which brings the luxury and benefits of the stand-alone bidet to the standard toilet by using the familiar refreshing action of water as a soothing and hygienic personal cleansing system.

With their beautifully considered aesthetics and state-of-the-art technology, both the SpaLet AT200 and SpaLet AT100 use the soothing action of warm water as a refreshing and sanitary alternative to toilet tissue. Both feature two separate nozzles for natural and convenient front and rear cleansing. Nozzle positions (including oscillating options), spray volume and strength, and water temperature are all adjustable by easy-to-use remote control, allowing for a completely individualized cleansing experience. There is also a massage feature and an efficient built-in warm air drier for use after washing.

The retail price for the SpaLet AT200 smart toilet is $4,200, and for the SpaLet AT100 bidet seat is $995. Both luxury items are available through an exclusive network of DXV by American Standard showrooms across North America.

For more information, visit or call (800) 227-2734.


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