Learn | About Showers | How to Install a Shower Head

Installing a shower head is simple and easy to do on your own. With only basic tools required, you can update you shower head in minutes. Below we will help you to install your shower head like a pro!

Installing the Shower Head

Tools Required for Installation:

  • Plumber’s Tape
  • Wrench
Installing a Shower Head featuring Spectra+ Touch


Step 1: Remove you old shower head from the shower arm. If there’s any plumber’s tape on the shower arm, this will need to be removed as well.
Step 2: Affix new plumber’s tape to the ridge coupling on the shower arm
Step 3: Twist on the new shower head. Tighten with a wrench if necessary to prevent water from leaking. 
Step 4: Remove any visible plumber’s tape
Step 5: Enjoy a shower with your new shower head you just installed. 

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