Learn > About Toilets > How to Replace the Flapper Float Ball on the Cadet Toilet

Follow along with this video guide to learn the proper way to replace a flapper float ball in an American Standard Cadet toilet.
STEP 1: Begin by shutting off the water supply, and flush the remaining water from the tank. 

STEP 2: Detach the chain hook from the trip lever arm. Then, disconnect the flapper. 

STEP 3: Make note of the number setting on the old flapper’s float ball, and then remove it. This number will be used to set the new float ball correctly. 

STEP 4: Set up the replacement flapper by adjusting the float ball to match the position of the flapper you are replacing. 

STEP 5: Attach the new flapper to the flush valve and chain hook to the trip lever arm. Be sure to connect the water hose clip to the overflow tube.

STEP 6: Turn the water supply back on, and your Cadet toilet is now ready to use.