How to Choose Accessible Bathroom Products

As you consider your new bathroom, think about friends and loved ones who will utilize the room, especially young children, elderly persons and people with various physical disabilities. Integrating accessible, universal design features will ensure a functional and pleasing bath for all.


Know Accessible Bathroom Measurements

Become informed about the correct measurements for products you will be adding to your home. Here are some standards from the ADA on what is expected in an accessible bathroom. 

Toilet Height: Tall Toilets – 17-19 inches from bottom to top of the toilet seat 

Toilet Clearance: 60 inches perpendicular from the side wall and 56 inches from the rear wall

Shower Dimensions: 36 x 60 for a roll in shower 

Sink Clearance: 18 inches from Toilet to allow for turning space; minimum 30 inches wide, 17-25 inches deep and 27” above the finished ground. 

Sink Height: 34 inch max height with a 24 inch knee clearance.

Doors: minimum of 42 inches wide with a maximum 4 inch opening

Bathtub Clearance: 30 inches wide minimum or 12 inches past the head of the tub when a permanent chair is installed. 

You can read more about ADA standards and regulations on their site:

Accessible Bathroom Products 


Right Height Toilets 

  •   Measure approximately 16-17 inches in height from floor  to the top of the bowl rim
  •   Make sitting down and standing back up easier. 
  •   ADA compliant for universal design
  •   Install a grab bar horizontally 36” above the finished floor


Available in a variety of styles and flush rates, you can find a Right Height toilet to meet your needs. 

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Right Height Sinks

  •   36 inches in height
  •   Alleviates stress on the body caused by bending


Right Height sinks are easy to use and eliminate unnecessary stress on the body. Our vessel sinks are available in the Right Height configurations 

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Accessible Sinks

  •   Require a knee clearance of 24 inches above the floor for a 31 inch height counter surface 
  •   34 inch maximum height


Many of our sinks are available in ADA Compliant designs with enough clearance to meet accessibility standards and provide style and quality for your bathroom. 

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Bathroom Sink Faucets

  •   Lever Handles
  •   Single Handles 
  •   ADA Compliant Faucets 
  •   Hot-limit Safety Stops - prevent accidental scalding by setting a fixed hottest water temperature


Faucets with lever handles are perfect for accessible designs in both the kitchen and bathroom as they don’t require a firm grip to turn on and off.  Additionally, many faucets are equipped with a hot-limit safety stop that let you fix the hottest water temperature to prevent scalding. 

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Accessible Bathtubs and Shower Bases

  •   Install a seated shower base
  •   Offset shower on/off and temperature controls so they are closer to the room 
  •   Select a thermostatic shower valve that remembers your water temperature preference
  •   Limit the hot water by setting the hot limit safety stop
  •   Install Hand Showers which adjust to different heights and can be used while seated
  •   Opt for a low-threshold shower base of 3-inches or less for easy entry and exit
  •   Install 2 grab bars one 33-36 inches from the finished floor and a lower grab bar 8-10 inches above the rim of the tub 
  •   Choose showers and tubs with slip-resistant surfaces to prevent falls
  •   Upgrade to a Walk-in Bathtub


Bathtubs and showers can be installed in numerous ways to accommodate wheelchairs and those with limited mobility. There are roll-in and transfer-type showers that can be installed based on preference and need. Please consult with a design specialist to choose the best option for you and your family. 

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Walk In Tubs

A walk-in tub is a great option for limited mobility. Designed with safety in mind, walk-in bathtubs feature grab bars, textured floors and Quick Drain® System to remove water from the tub rapidly so you exit the tub safely. They are available with various comfort options including whirlpool, air spa and combination massage tubs to enhance your experience. 

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Shower Faucets

  •   Lever Handles Valve Trims
  •   Select a thermostatic valve
  •   Add a hand shower to accommodate bathing and seated showers 
  •   Hot Limit Safety Stop


Selecting lever handles makes it easier to turn the shower on and off. Opt for a thermostatic shower valve that maintains the water temperature even after it is turned off, keeping the temperature at your ideal setting. Make sure to adjust the hot limit safety stop in addition to using the thermostatic valve to prevent against scalding. 

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