Tailor-Made to Meet Your Needs

Are you a professional looking for installation and specification materials? Or, perhaps you are a homeowner looking for something in particular for your new bathroom remodel. No matter your background, we want your online experience to meet your needs. You can now personalize your web experience allowing us to deliver the content you are looking for. 

Below shows the experience of a Homeowner vs. a Plumber on a product page. You'll notice the content changes based on your persona selection.


Why Personalize?

One Experience – Multiple Routes. 

Think of it like a roadmap. There can be many different courses you can take to get to one destination. Depending on traffic and the pit-stops along the way, you may choose one destination over the other. Let alleviate the traffic, and deliver you the best course to get to your destination.

For example, a plumber primarily comes to looking for specifications and installation information. When you identify yourself as a Plumber, specifications and installation information will display first on our product pages. Homeowners, on the other hand, primarily are looking for information to learn more about the products before purchasing, so features and benefits are listed first on product pages. This is just one of many of the personalization experiences you’ll encounter.

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