Toilet talk with Howie Mandel

Mar 10, 2017

Howie Mandel has become a spokesperson for American Standard while promoting the self-cleaning ActiClean toilet. At first, this would seem to be an odd coupling: comedian whose brand of humor is about as offbeat as comedy can be takes on serious role promoting a toilet. The same crazy guy who used to pull a latex glove over his head and exhale through his nose to inflate it until sufficient pressure would cause it to take off like a rocket. Howie had to stop doing that after damaging his sinuses. We became fans after enjoying his stand-up comedy routines and “St. Elsewhere” TV series.

As luck would have it, a chance encounter led to an opportunity to interview Howie via Skype and an opportunity to inject a bit of potty humor in the process. Arrangements were made, the date was set, and on the appointed day I was seriously ill with pneumonia and had been running a fever over 101°F for a week. The show must go on, so I conducted the interview soaked in fever sweat.

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