VorMax® Plus = VorMax® Scrubbing Power + LYSOL® Cleaner

VorMax® Plus combines LYSOL® and the uniquely powerful VorMax® flush hydraulics, offering the ultimate cleaning experience with just a flush - no extra steps. The VorMax® flush alone cleans 2x better than conventional toilets with just water.  American Standard took VorMax® Plus to the next level by incorporating the cleanest VorMax® flush and its scrubbing power and infusing LYSOL® into the water. The result is a cleaner bowl that helps prevent staining and build up with no extra work- it cleans the bowl every time you flush. 

The VorMax® Plus toilet offers a truly effortless cleaning experience. 


How the VorMax® Plus Toilet Works

VorMax® Plus technology infuses LYSOL® into the water, freshening the bowl with every flush. The powerful VorMax® jetted scrub allows the cleaner to scrub the entire bowl, including under the CleanCurve® Rim. Unlike in-the-bowl cleaners, the VorMax® Plus technology is hidden in a compartment located in the back of the bowl which never comes in contact with germs or dirt.

VorMax® Flushing Technology

VorMax® Flush Technology Advantage

The advantage of VorMax flush technology is credited to the engineering expertise that went into achieving the maximum scrubbing power of water. Unlike conventional toilets, VorMax flush technology uses water to clean the bowl more effectively by reducing the amount of energy lost during a flush.

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VorMax® Plus Features

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Where to Buy VorMax® Plus

VorMax® Plus is sold exclusively at Home Depot. Find your local Home Depot store.

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*Source: Test Report No. 109-141486-002, comparing VorMax® against conventional under-the-rim-water-dispersal toilets from major retailers.
**based on a usage of 12 flushes per day

LYSOL® is used under license to American Standard. © 2017