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Features & Benefits

ActiClean Toilet Quick Clean

Quick Clean is used for regular upkeep, in-between deep cleanings & cleans in just 1 minute

ActiClean Toilet Deep Clean
Deep Clean is used for more thorough cleanings & saturates the bowl for a clean scrub that lasts 10 minutes

Includes VorMax Flush Technology

The ActiClean toilet features the patented VorMax Flush Technology to help maintain a tidy bowl in-between ActiClean cleanings.

In 2014, American Standard introduced the revolutionary VorMax Flush Technology that reinvented the conventional toilet flush. VorMax Flush Technology delivers a powerful scrubbing action, and has been tested and proven to clean 2X better than any conventional toilet.*

The Innovative VorMax Flush Technology in combination with the ActiClean toilet’s self-cleaning system powerfully removes stains from the toilet bowl with a simple press of the button!

Enjoy a sparkling clean toilet without all of the hard work.
ActiClean Toilet Flushes Away Dirt
ActiClean Toilet Fight Stains with EverClean


The whole toilet surface is finished with an EverClean® glaze which is super smooth and easier to keep clean, even after years of use. Plus, the permanent EverClean® antimicrobial surface inhibits the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria on the surface.

CleanCurve Rim

No Place For Dirt to Hide! CleanCurve™ Rim Design eliminates hidden, hard-to-reach surfaces where dirt and buildup hide.
ActiClean Toilet Clean Curve Rim


How the ActiClean Self-Cleaning Toilet Works

Easy Installation

Easy Installation

The ActiClean toilet is an easy DIY installation. It comes with everything you need to install the toilet including the seat, bolts, cleaning solution cartridge, and batteries.

Download Installation Instructions

Download & Print

ActiClean Toilet Cleaning Cartridge

The safe but effective American Standard cleaning solution is offered as a single pack or a 3 pack. If used as directed, each cartridge will last up to 9 weeks (based on a usage of 1 Quick Clean and 1 Deep Clean per week).

ActiClean Reviews

Hear what others think about the ActiClean Self-Cleaning Toilet.

Reviewer Icon“What I like most about my new toilet is it looks nice, slow close seat lid, keeps bowl cleaner with little effort.”
- A. McGarvey 
 5 Stars

Reviewer IconClean lines and sleek design that fits in with our home decor. Easy clean feature and quiet, too.

- Harrington 
 5 Stars

Reviewer IconThe toilet installation is super easy! The instructions that came with the unit were easy to follow!

- DeVico
 5 Stars


Reviewer IconActiClean completely flushes whatever amount of waste there is, using a minimal amount of water. This means considerable savings in the long run for the family budget.
                      - V. Pormentilla
 5 Stars