Bathroom Faucets

  • How do I clean my American Standard faucet?

    Simply rinse the faucet clean with clear water, and dry the faucet with a soft cotton cloth.

  • If my faucet comes with a putty plate do I have to use putty?

    To insure a waterproof connection we do recommend you use the putty also.

  • My stopper top has come off and won't screw back on.

    Our drain stoppers have a left-hand thread, screw it on counter clockwise.

  • The tailpiece that came with my lavatory faucet is not long enough.

    The tail pieces that came with your American Standard faucet is a standard 4 inches, if you need a longer one you can purchase it at any hardware store.

  • What are the different mounting options for bathroom faucets?

    American Standard offers a centerset, mini-spread and centerhole faucet (with a base plate) all for use with a 3-hole 4" spread sink and widespread faucets for use on 3-hole 8" spread sinks. The centerhole faucet can also be used for single-hole sinks.

  • What is a "Speed Connect" drain

    For more on the "Speed Connect" drain, click here

  • What is ceramic disc valving?

    Ceramic disc valving is an innovative water control system found in each American Standard faucet. Each time you use one of our faucets, two discs control water flow by gliding back and forth in an airtight seal. American Standard's Ceramic Disc Valves are smooth and almost as hard as diamonds. The valves are unaffected by temperature extremes, sand, rust or hard water conditions. American Standard is the only faucet manufacturer to engineer and produce our own ceramic discs, ensuring complete quality control. Extensive life cycle testing assures that each valve will survive more than 1.5 million uses. With ceramic disc valving, American Standard guarantees a lifetime of drip-free and maintenance-free performance.

  • What is PVD finish?

    Physical Vapor Deposition processing, better known as PVD, is a manufacturing technique utilized by American Standard to create a durable, long lasting polished brass faucet finish. The process was originally developed to improve the durability of tools and has even been used on NASA's space shuttles. During an intense, high-tech procedure, the finish forms a permanent bond with the faucet, rather than a simple coating over the faucet body. The result is a brass faucet that provides protection from every day wear, corrosion and scratches - even in coastal climates. Faucets manufactured with PVD processing provide enduring beauty and are backed by American Standard's lifetime warranty.

  • Where can I find the model number of my faucet?

    American Standard does not mark the model number on the faucet. Please check on your installation instructions, receipt from place of purchases or you can identify the product on our web site.

  • Where can I get repair parts for my American Standard faucet?

    Please contact 1-800-442-1902 for further assistance.


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