• Can I mix and match tanks and bowls?

    While there are a few models that can interchange tanks and bowls, most are configured to work optimally as a set as indicated in our Product Showcase. In fact, if you do your own mixing and matching, the toilet may not flush at all!

    Gravity Fed and Pressure Assisted tanks and bowls cannot be mixed.

    A 3.5 gallon per flush tank and 1.6 gallon per flush bowl (and vice versa) will not function together, as the trapway designs are completely different based upon the gallons per flush of the entire unit.

  • Can I use chlorine pucks or other cleaners in my toilet tank?

    Do not put cleaning agents such as chlorine pucks or cleaners in your toilet tank, as this may deteriorate the tank components.

  • How do 1.6 GPF toilets differ from older model toilets?

    Since a 1.6 GPF toilet is designed to flush with less water, you'll notice all the water does not leave the tank upon flushing. You'll also notice the water spot in the bowl is smaller, since less water is needed to operate the toilet efficiently. The toilet will operate optimally if all contents are placed within the water spot of the bowl, and not on the china sides.

  • The tank is not sitting level and wobbles. Why?

    If the tank moves, remove the tank cover and put a level across the top of the tank. Pull the tank down evenly and try to level it out. Using a screwdriver to hold bolts secure, turn the nut with a wrench 1/4 turn left side, then 1/4 turn right side. Do not turn the screwdriver. Go from side to side until tank is secure on the bowl and level.

  • What different types of toilets does American Standard offer?

    Dual Flush, Pressure Assisted System, Gravity, Back Outlet, High Efficiency, Flush Valve.

  • What flush systems do American Standard toilets offer?

    The Champion® 4 Flushing System: This top-of-the-line system is virtually clog-free, so you’ll never have to plunge again. It’s packed with innovative features that make it ideal for busy and/or large households. Flushes up to 200 feet of toilet paper.

    Cadet® 3 Flushing System: This system features a smarter design for higher performance and fewer clogs. What’s more, its easy-to-clean design makes it ideal for medium-to-high-use bathrooms. Flushes up to 150 feet of toilet paper.

    Aquaforce Flushing System: This system offers reliable performance that’s well-suited for light-to medium-use bathrooms.

    Pressure Assisted System: A vessel inside the tank holds trapped, compressed air. It acts like a spring to shoot the water forward at a high rate of speed. A large percentage of the 1.6 gallons of water used is delivered directly to a jet at the bottom of the bowl. The jet is very powerful and is the force that removes the waste.

    Dual Flush: Uses a unique flush valve that achieves two distinct flushing functions – the normal 1.6gpf for removal of solid waste, and 0.8 gpf (half the normal amount) for removal of liquid waste. Flush actuator is a top mounted button, instead of the normal side mounted trip lever. The button actually consists of two separate valves – the smaller side is for partial flush, the larger side for full flush.

  • What is "Everclean" surface?

    On toilets the super smooth mirror like EverClean® surface is easier to keep clean, even after years of use. EverClean® Surface is a silver based, double coat surface which inhibits the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew.

  • What is the difference between a 10-inch, 12-inch and 14-inch toilet rough-in?

    In order to determine your rough-in dimension, please measure from the center of your toilet bolt holes to your finished wall. Most of our toilets are manufactured to accommodate a 12" rough-in model toilet. If, however, you find yourself in a situation where you do not have enough space to install your tank onto your bowl because the wall is in the way, the solution is our 10" rough-in toilet. Alternately, if you feel as if your toilet is sitting in the middle of your bathroom because you have a gaping space between the back of your tank and the wall, a 14" rough-in toilet may be a better choice.

  • What parts do I need if I hear water running in my toilet?

    Most toilets have 4 components that may need replaced if you hear water running in your toilet or if the toilet’s water doesn’t shut off.

    • The Flapper or Seal
    • The Flush Valve
    • The Fill Valve
    • The Trip Lever

    The first step is to determine where the leak is occurring.  There is a simple test you can do to determine which part is causing the problem.

    1. Allow the tank to fill, to approximately ½” below the overflow tube on the flush valve, then close the water supply shutoff valve to turn the water off.  Mark the water level inside the tank and let it sit overnight.  If the water level drops, it is either a problem with the flapper or with the flush valve.
    2. To determine if it is the flapper or flush valve, hold the handle down so the water drops to the level to where the flapper and flush valve meet. Let sit overnight.
    a. If the water level does not drop further the issue is with the flapper or seal.
    i. See link below for common repair part seals and flappers
    1. Champion Seal Kit 7301111-0070A
    2. Vormax Silicone Seal Kit 7381424-100.0070A
    3. Cadet Pro Flapper 7381193-000.0070A
    b. If the water level drops to the bottom of the flush valve where it meets the bottom of the tank.  The flush valve will need to be replaced.
    i. See links below for common flush valve parts.
    1. Champion Two Piece Flush Valve 3174.105-0070A
    2. Champion One Piece Flush Valve 3280.040-0070A
    3. Vormax Flush Valve 7381655-200.0070A
    4. Cadet Universal 3" Flush Valve 7381294-400.0070A
    3. If the water in Step 1 did not drop at all, the issue is most likely the water control valve.  Symptoms of an issue with your water control valve include;
    a. The water continues to go over the top of the overflow tube on the flush valve.
    b. The water control valve is hissing or continually drips water through the refill tube into the overflow tube on the flush valve.
    c. Water is not filling at all into the tank or starts and stops erratically.
    i. See link below for tips on how to clean out the water control valve and link for replacement part.
    1. How to Clean out your Water Control Valve
    2. Universal 400A Water Control Valve 7381125-400.0070A
    4. Erratic flushing may occur if your trip lever wears out or is loose.
    a. Trip levers are unique to your tank.

    If you need assistance in determining the correct part for your American Standard tank, or need additional assistance in troubleshooting your problem, contact our Consumer Connection Team at 855-815-0004 

  • What should I do if my toilet leaks water onto the floor?

    If your toilet is dripping from the tank to the floor, make sure the supply tube nut (coupling nut) is tightened and that there are no cracks in the supply tube. If the supply tube nut is tight, and there are no cracks in the tube, this type of leaking may indicate a non-visible crack in the water control, and its replacement is recommended. Try American Standard's Smart Valve 2000(tm) Water Control designed to fit virtually all toilets.

    Water laying on top of the bowl may indicate leaking between the tank and bowl, which may require replacement of the gasket. Before replacing the gasket, be sure the tank and bowl are securely connected together by checking to see if you can move the tank back and forth.
  • Where can I find the model number of my toilet?

    Carefully remove your tank lid, and place it gently on the floor. You'll notice a four-digit number located on the back of the tank, near the water level mark. This is your tank model number. If the number starts with a two, it is a one-piece toilet. If the number starts with a four, it is a two-piece toilet.

  • Where can I get repair parts for my American Standard toilet?

    Please contact 1-800-442-1902. Please be sure to have model number available when calling.


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