The Next Level

Dec 31, 2017

Cabinets, flooring and appliances in the kitchen, and vanities, tile, toilets and showers in the bath are all important design elements. But once their basic functional requirements are met, homeowners often look for extra features that elevate their spaces to ‘next-level’ design.

This philosophy seems evident when perusing KBDN’s most-asked-about-products list for 2017. The list – which ranks products that have appeared in the magazine throughout the course of the year by tallying the number of reader inquiries – reveals that products that help to elevate a space beyond the basic are particularly popular.

For example, toilets can be fairly straightforward…until you add self-cleaning features that promote the time-honored, ‘least favorite job’ to a virtually effortless task. The same idea correlates to showers. What can be a relatively mundane morning or before-bedtime ritual becomes a luxurious, spa-like experience with the addition of steam.

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