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Pregnancy Hygiene Tips for Your Lady Bits

Why a bidet?

Enhance your personal hygiene routine and with a SpaLet Bidet Toilet or Toilet Seat.

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Bidets & the benefits for women 

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Bidets have been around since the 1960's

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Health & wellness for all. Used all around the world

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Compare all options and find the best bidet for you

Bidet toilet

Spruce your bathroom up with the all-in-one Bidet Toilet. Superior cleaning with a sleek design.

Installation Requires: 

  • An electrical outlet. Consumes 1300W +/- 10% AC120V GFCI outlet within 39” of the toilet
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Electric bidet toilet seat products

Most of our electrical bidet toilet seats come with heated seats, air dryers, deodorizers, slow close seat, a warm air dryer, and more! 

Installation Requires:

  • An elongated toilet
  • An electrical outlet. Consumes 1300W +/- 10% AC120V GFCI outlet within 39” of the toilet

Non-Electrical Bidet Toilet Seat Attachments

Installation Requires:

  • An elongated Toilet
  • A flexible supply hose
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spalet bidet

Benefits of Bidets for Pregnant Women

A magical toilet seat that cleanses and comforts your lady parts.

Get enhanced hygiene when you use a bidet during and after pregnancy. Many women experience hemorrhoids which can be painful. Using a bidet will eliminate a lot of pain or discomfort and offer a soothing feeling.

It may be difficult for pregnant women to wipe at the later stages in pregnancy as flexibility becomes more of a struggle. Bidets give you a hands-free way of taking care of business.

After childbirth, many women get stitches or experience bleeding. Instead of using conventional toilet paper, bidets offer a cleaner, more hygienic way to deal with pregnancy-after-care.

Outside of pregnancy, bidets still are great for better hygiene. Think about it this way... toilet paper smears the mess, whereas water gently washes and cleans you for a more hygienic and clean feeling!

When you’re caring for others as an expectant and new mom, bidet toilets or bidet toilet seats care for you with gentle, soothing warm water cleanse for down there.

Better Cleansing - Offering the best cleansing options for a cleaner wipe.


Comfort for After-Birth Care - Instantly heated seats with warm air dryer


It's All About Convenience - With so many features! Self-cleaning spray nozzles, slow close seat, deodorizer, pre-mist, night light, removable seat, remote control, auto open and close, and auto flush


ADA Compliant Toilet - The Bidet Toilet is accessible, with a comfortable chair height



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