Ultima Diaphragm Flush Valves

Ultima Diaphragm Flush Valves


Our exclusive DynaClean™ self-cleaning technology is engineered to stop valve run-on due to clogging. Equipped with a self-cleaning wiper spring, every flush clears debris and build-up, averting valve run-on and excess water usage.
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Ultima Diaphragm Flush Valve Videos

Ultima Diaphragm Flush Valves

Manual and Sensor-Operated Diaphragm Flush Valves

Self-Cleaning Technology Prevents Valve Run-On Due to Clogging

  • Dezincification-resistant
    proprietary brass alloy

  • ADA-compliant
    non-hold open handle provides automatic shut-off after every flush

  • High back pressure vacuum breaker
    prevents dripping

  • Sweat solder kit

  • 5-Year Limited Warranty


Easy to Install on Commercial Toilets & Urinals

Ultima Flush Valves are easy to retrofit in place of most popular piston and diaphragm flush valves. The industry standard rough-in dimensions allow for an easy switch.

Ultima Diaphragm Assemblies can be installed in diaphragm flush valves from other major manufacturers, making it easy to improve performance and ensure reliability in existing applications.
Ultima Diaphragm Flush Valves
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Innovative Self-Cleaning Flush Valves

DynaClean, our exclusive, self-cleaning technology, cleans the refill orifice with every flush, preventing valve run-on. The integral wiper spring keeps the orifice clear of debris and mineral build-up for  improved performance and less maintenance.

Long-Lasting, Durable Toilet Flush Valves

EvoLast, a premium, chlorine-resistant diaphragm material delivers consistent performance and resists premature deterioration and failure.

Shop Ultima Flush Valves at Wholesalers

Find a local wholesaler and shop for the Ultima Diaphragm Flush Valves today!

Call our wholesale support at 800-442-1902 to enquire and place an order.

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