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When considering a toilet, technology reigns. Does it meet your functional needs? Is it efficient? Does it have additional features to make daily maintenance easy? The American Standard collection includes a vast array of toilet designs to meet every requirement you demand.



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American Standard Toilets Types

Toilet Types

What type of toilet is best for you and your bathroom space: one-piece, two-piece toilet or smart.

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American Standard Toilets RoughIn

Rough-In Measurements

Not all toilets are right for every bathroom, so figuring out how much space you have is a key step.

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American Standard Toilets Design


Choose the shape of your toilet bowl, the height of your toilet, and more.

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American Standard Toilets Innovation

Toilet Innovations

New technology means you can automatically flush and fight germs at the same time, keeping your bowl clean longer.

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Features + Benefits

What is a Two-Piece Toilet

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ActiClean Innovations

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Features + Benefits of a VorMax

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Features + Benefits of Champion

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Advanced Clean 3.0 SpaLet Bidet Seat

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On your own or with a specialist, we make installing your perfect toilet easy.

Toilet Types

Town Square S One Piece 128 gpf 48 Lpf Chair Height Right Hand Trip Lever Elongated Toilet With Seat WHITE

One-Piece Toilets

One-piece toilets have a seamless design, with the tank and bowl fused together into a single unit. This design is sleek and easier to clean.

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Cadet Ovation 128 GPF 48 LPF Chair Height Elongated Front Toilet with Seat WHITE

Two-Piece Toilets

These are the most common types of toilets in the United States. They consist of two separate parts: the tank and the bowl. Two-piece toilets are mounted on the floor and are relatively easy to install and maintain.

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Advanced Clean 100 132 gpf 49 Lpf and 092 gpf 34 Lpf SpaLet Bidet Toilet ALABASTER WHITE

Smart Toilets

Smart toilets are modern bathroom fixtures that come equipped with advanced features and technologies designed to enhance user comfort, hygiene, and convenience.

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Floor-Mount Rough-In

Measuring the rough-in distance is crucial when installing a floor-mount toilet to ensure it fits properly in your space. The rough-in measurement is the distance from the finished wall (not the baseboard) to the center of the floor bolts that will attach the toilet to the floor. The most common rough-in measurements are 12 inches, but there are also 10-inch and 14-inch rough-ins available to accommodate different bathroom layouts and plumbing configurations.
American Standard Toilets

Toilet Design

Choose the shape and height of your toilet bowl.

American Standard Toilets

Elongated Bowl Shape

Elongated bowls are generally more comfortable for adults by providing extra room and seating, with bowl length between 28½" to 31⅝".

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American Standard Toilets

Round Bowl Shape

Round-front toilets are a great space-saving solution, especially for small bathrooms with the shortest bowl length of 25⅝" to 29¾".

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American Standard Toilets

Standard Height

Standard toilets typically have a seat height of around 15 to 17 inches. These toilets are suitable for most people, including those of average or smaller stature. They are the most common type of toilet found in households and public restrooms.

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Toilet Height

Chair Height

Approximately 2" higher than standard toilets with a seat height that falls between 17 to 19 inches. Chair-height toilets make standing and sitting easier and many are ADA-compliant.

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Toilet Innovations

From Industry-leading flush technology to easy clean solutions that don't undermine performance.

ActiClean Two Piece 128 gpf 48 Lpf Chair Height Elongated Toilet With Seat WHITE

Cleaning just got easier

Keeping a clean and healthy home just got easier with the American Standard ActiClean and EverClean® technologies. Self cleaning solutions and surfaces designed to inhibits the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria, mold, and mildew.

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VorMax Two Piece 10 gpf 38 Lpf Chair Height Elongated Toilet Less Seat WHITE

VorMax Superior Flush Technology

Industry-leading flush technology that saves water without losing performance.

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Clean Activate 128 GPF 48 LPF Left Trip Lever 16 1 2 in Elongated Front Toilet with Seat WHITE

ActiVate™ Touchless Flush Technology

Germ-free, No-touch flush

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H2Option Two Piece Dual Flush 128 gpf 48 Lpf and 092 gpf 35 Lpf Standard Height Round Front Toilet Less Seat WHITE


The H2Optimum siphonic toilet is the highest water-saving gravity flush toilet available! The H2Optimum features an impressive 1.1 gallons per flush rate to save water when compared to a standard 1.6 gallons per flush model, without undermining performance

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